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Help homeless children, hhelp to homeless keiki, volunteer with homeless keiki,
Help homeless keiki, donate to homeless keiki, sponsor homeless keiki, project hawaii
Sponsor a keiki, volunteer with homeless children, or make a donation  to a homeless child.

Welcome to Project Hawai'i, Inc

Enhancing the Lives of Homeless & Poverty Stricken Keiki

Mahalo for your Kokua!!

Thank you for choosing to make  a difference in
the lives of homeless and poverty stricken 
children. We are solely supported by public 
donations which allow 100% of YOUR donation 
to benefit the children's needs.

"Caring isn't necessarily an action given freely to some one you know or care about; it is also given to someone  you don't know who in return will benefit even more than those you do know. "

DON'T FORGET to have the company you work for MATCH YOUR DONATION. Did you know that over 10 BILLION $$ go UNCLAIMED because employees don't know their company cares too? See if your company is on the  top 100 list

Don't miss out on making your donation go twice as far...under the DONATION bar above there is drop down link for a list of the top 100 companies who match donations....please also check with your company, as the Hawai'i companies are not listed in the top 100.

Below are several companies and groups that have started their own fundraising campaign. If you belong to one of these groups, please donate under them to show your support. Otherwise general donations can be made under the

Continued Support for Homeless Keiki

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Summer Camp Support
5.83 %
Goal: $18000.00 | Raised: $1049.00 Started: May 19, 2014
Ends: July 31, 2014
Donate Now!
$20.00 $50.00 $249.00
Other: $

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Summer Camp Support

  • Healthy Meal Support
  • Cabin Support
  • Back to School Support
  • Field Trip Support
  • #donate
Top Donors

  1. Elite Parking-Oahu - $299.00
  2. Century 21-Erin Evans - $250.00
Continued Support for Homeless Keiki
10.70 %
Goal: $10000.00 | Raised: $1070.00 Started: December 28, 2013
Ends: December 31, 2014
Donate Now!
$20.00 $50.00 $249.00
Other: $

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Thank you so much for your support to assure we can meet the ever growning needs of our homeless keiki.

Your support helps us to provide on going support, such as our weekly meal program, monthly hygiene bags, emergency care needs, etc.

Every donation makes the difference!! Mahalo again!!

Top Donors

  1. Polly - $800.00
  2. In Loving Memory of Jack Knudson - $250.00
  3. Anonymous - $20.00
Every Penny Counts Campaign
22.41 %
Goal: $1800.00 | Raised: $403.38 Started: August 23, 2012
Donate Now!
$20.00 $50.00 $249.00
Other: $

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Every Penny Counts!!

Your penny's will be used to support our on going

monthly outreach programs

to keep our keiki clean, healthy and full of hope!

Top Donors

  1. Anonymous - $182.00
  2. Penny Drive - $93.00
  3. CAROLINE - $80.00
  4. Alessandra - $20.00
Completed Campaigns
  1. With Love, From Michigan
  2. freshED Penny Drive
  3. The Gomoll's & Friends
  4. Help Fill Santa's Sleigh for Homeless Keiki
  5. Activity Hut Group-Christmas Support
  6. Century 21 Realtors
  7. McKinley LEO Club
  8. Holiday Care for Homeless Keiki (children)
  9. Linked IN Holiday Support
  10. Thanksgiving Dinner Event
  11. Summer Camp Support
  12. Company T-Shirt Sponsorship
  13. Quarters for Campers
  14. Linked IN Easter
  15. Easter Kokua for Homeless Keiki
  16. Healthy Hearts for Homeless Keiki Campaign
  17. Easter Luncheon for Homeless Keiki
  18. Christmas Holiday Dinners
  19. Fill A Stocking
  20. Make A Difference Day Weekend
  21. Thanksgiving Luncheon for Homeless Keiki
  22. Kids Against Hunger Campaign
  23. Halloween Costume Workshop
  24. Turn Hawai'i Purple - Help Stop Child Abuse
  25. Foodland OFF ISLAND Give Aloha Campaign
  26. Feed a Child
  27. Linked IN Goal Chart
  28. Kassy's Quarters for Campers Chart
  29. The Pearl City Pride: Quarters For Camp
  30. Summer Camp Food Menu Drive
  31. Easter for Wai'anae Coast Homeless Keiki
  32. Summer Camp T-shirt Sponsors
  33. Hoiday Party for Homeless Keiki
  34. Help Fill Santa's Sleigh
  35. Summer Camp Rental Fees
  36. Make A Difference
  37. Thanksgiving Dinner for Homeless Keiki
  38. Super Hero & Story Book Character Costume Workshop
  39. Turn Hawai'i Purple-Stop Child Abuse