How To Secure A Rental After Getting Evicted?

When you have blemishes on your rental history it doesn’t mean that you should have shaky start with your prospective landlords as well. Based on the practices of tenant screening in the area you’re going to rent apartments in Dallas and your individual landlord, it is very much possible for you to forgo normal credit and background checks which may reveal that you had been evicted in the past. Nevertheless, if your landlord has a plan for conducting thorough background and credit checks then you should prepare yourself well in advance so that you can still be able to rent an apartment even though an eviction is reflecting on your record.

It is not necessary that credit report will reveal your past evictions. However, these reports do enlist the court judgments as well as collection accounts. If you were taken to court by your landlord after an eviction and you lost or were sent to the collections for any unpaid rent or property damage, it is likely to reflect on the credit report. As credit reports do not always reveal everything about tenants, tenant screening is also performed by landlords often and they normally use third-party services for this. Past evictions are usually revealed by these screening reports. So, you need to have a good explanation in place for what happened in the past.

To rent Dallas apartments after getting evicted, you can write an explanation letter and also document all circumstances which lead to your eviction. Honestly tell about the eviction in this letter. Some reasonable explanations could be legal separation or divorce, serious illness or medical emergency, and safety and health concerns. It is possible for landlords to rent their unit to you when you show them that circumstances which led to your eviction were probably one-time incidents and were out of your control.

Another good option that you can try is increasing the amount of security deposit that you’ll have to pay at the time of renting apartments in Dallas TX. It is harder to clear evictions which had been resulted because of excessive damage caused to rental property. For reassuring your future landlord that you’ll be taking better care of their apartment you can offer them to pay higher security deposit amount. When you pay a larger security deposit amount, you’ll be more watchful of your actions and will take better care of the apartment to keep everything intact. This will, in turn, lead you to get full refund of the security deposit amount once your tenancy period ends.

Finally, try to look for landlords who are less stringent. There are landlords who tend to be more amiable compared to others as far as accepting any previous evictions of prospective tenants is concerned. But remember, overlooking and accepting poor rental history aren’t the same things. Landlords may agree to take such risks when you agree to pay higher rent amount every month. So, be watchful before agree on a certain amount of rent.

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