Is It Possible To Rent Apartments With Eviction Reflecting On The Record?

Eviction is never desirable for any renter and nobody wants to have it on record. Evictions reflecting on the record don’t immediately condemn renters from renting Dallas apartments because a lot depends on several related factors like the way eviction was reported and the since one’s last eviction.

With that being said, recent evictions tend to make landlords a lot more cautious when it comes to renting their apartments to you. Normally, it takes seven years for eviction judgments to get removed from the credit report. However, because of public records, it still continues to appear on the background check reports. It also depends on landlords as to how long your eviction will affect you in getting a new rental. Some landlords tend to reject tenants immediately as soon as they find out about evictions. However, some landlords tend to be more sympathetic.

A major factor that should be taken into consideration while renting apartments in Dallas after eviction is whether the landlord terminated the lease or you had to go through complete eviction process. If the apartment was vacated by you after receiving very first notice from the landlord in written form then the credit report must not reflect any judgment against you. Almost all the states require landlords to serve this notice and this isn’t usually filed through court system which means your lease termination does not go in public record. However, if the matter was taken to the court and default judgment was given against you then it will reflect in the public records as well as the credit report.

Every landlord doesn’t use credit or background checks. Landlords who rent their properties privately tend to have very few apartments for rent and all they ask their prospective renters is to provide employment or income verification. That’s all they need to rent their apartments out. On other occasions, such landlords can accept previous evictions if the renters agree to pay higher security deposit amount. Another option is to sign month-to-month lease. If you can provide some positive references of your past landlords then you can still be able to convince the future landlords for overlooking any prior convictions that you may have.

Also keep it in mind that you aren’t black-listed immediately after getting evicted. Landlords rely on the information they get from the background check companies and the credit reports for determining whether they should rent their apartment to you or not. You’re also allowed to explain the mitigating circumstances if the eviction resulted because of some event which was out of your control. When everything else on the application goes perfect, then your explanation can influence your prospective landlord to rent out their apartment to you.

So, keep these things in mind when you try to rent an apartment after eviction the next time. You’re sure to land a good apartment this way.

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