Neymar Jr.’s Five Qualifier comes to Dallas on March 31

Neymar Jr.’s Five Global Soccer Tournament is now in its third year and features over 100,000 players from 61 countries, all of whom are vying for the World Championship.

In the U.S. hundreds of teams will compete in regional qualifiers around the country for a chance to reach the U.S. Final in Miami, and then the World Final in Brazil, where Neymar himself will be playing. One of the US qualifiers will be happening just outside of Dallas in Richardson, TX on Saturday, March 31.

The Neymar Jr.’s Five tournaments feature fast games (10 min. long) and fast play with surfaces that range from asphalt to turf. The field of play is tight – about 8 percent of the size of the average pitch – which emphasizes ball control and quick decision-making skills. The goals are small as well (1.5x .8m), making pinpoint finishing another key ingredient for success. Teams also need to weather adversity since a goal allowed means a player from that team heads to the bench in this unique elimination format.

Neymar himself will be on hand at the World Final in July to crown the Champs and play them in a friendly with a team of his own!

WHO: Men’s and women’s teams of 5-7 players throughout the region will compete in Dallas to advance and take on the country’s best in Miami, and potentially the world’s best in Brazil. Teams are diverse in style and age ranging between 16 and 25 years old (with each team having slots for two players over 25). The qualifiers bring out the best in each community, with many former D1 college players and even MLS players having participated last year.

WHEN: Saturday, March 31, 2018. 1:00pm – 8:00pm

WHERE: Richardson City Futsal Club
1000 Hampshire Ln.
Richardson, TX 75080


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