What Can You Do If The Landlord Refuses To Take Your Rent?

If you’re a resident of apartment rentals in Dallas and the landlord starts refusing to receive your rent payments, you might start worrying about getting evicted due to rent non-payment. Sometimes, it’s a strategy which is used by unscrupulous landlords for getting rid of the tenants who can’t be evicted by them otherwise. When you know your responsibilities and rights, it will be helpful for you in dealing with such a situation and you can protect yourself from getting evicted unlawfully.

There are certain laws in every state which govern the landlord-tenant relationships and outline contractual responsibilities that both have to fulfill. There are many laws which protect tenants against unreasonable evictions. However, they also let landlords protect their Dallas apartments from any damage that tenants usually cause to the property. All the state laws require tenants to pay the rent as per their lease agreement, but how can one deal with the situation when landlord starts refusing a tenant to cash their rent check or simply take the rent? If you’re following the clauses of your lease agreement continuously, your landlord’s refusal of accepting payment won’t impact the rights you have as tenant at all. All you have to do is to prove that payments were made by you or, at least, you tried to do that. So, how exactly can you do that?

Well, if the landlord won’t accept your rent payments and you’ve not delayed the rent from your side, then you’ll have to show the court that you’ve not violated any term of your contract with the landlord. To begin with, you can mail you’re the payment through registered or certified mail to the address of the landlord mentioned in the lease agreement. Using such mail offers you a documented proof of when the payment was sent to you and when the landlord received it. If the landlord doesn’t accept the delivery, you’ll have it documented as well. For dealing with such situations, you can open escrow account for depositing the funds. It will show court that you’ve gone to extreme lengths for paying the rent of your Dallas apartments for rent.

It should be kept in mind, however, that if you’re trying to pay the rent in partial then nothing obligates your landlord to take it. It is usually stated in lease agreement that you have to make full rent payment on a specific date. Acceptance of partial rent payment would affect rights of the landlord related to eviction in certain states. Therefore, if the landlord is looking to evict you then they won’t accept any partial payments. It is likely for the landlords to serve you with 3-day notice to pay the rent or vacate the rental if you fail to pay the rent in full during these three days.

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